Capacity Building Workshops


A. Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment is about determining the vulnerability or likelihood of state collapse, and assessing the relative fragility of a state. This is the first step to establish if a country is fragile and needs special care for development programming, business, or other engagement. This is the early warning part of the equation.

Risk Assessment workshops brochure (pdf)


B. Early Warning - Early Response

Early Warning - Early Response tools are available to those who want to work ON the root causes of conflict, and develop peacebuilding programmes specifically to address the causes of conflict as opposed to the symptoms of conflict. Workshops are most effective when done in the field with local stakeholders, where they often become a consensus-building exercise and establish local priorities for action. This is the early response part of the equation.


Early Warning workshops brochure (pdf)


C. Peace and Conflict Impact Assessment (PCIA)

For those organizations that are not focused on dealing directly with the root causes of conflict, but who wish to ensure that their engagement IN a fragile state will “do no harm”, there are excellent tools for assessing the impact of your work (i.e. your agricultural, education, business or development project). PCIA tools are similar to environmental or gender impact assessments in the sense that they look at the impact that your project or business may have on the peace and conflict dynamics of the community in which you are operating.

PCIA workshops brochure (pdf)