The Centre's Mission

The Peacebuilding Centre is devoted to consolidating lessons learned and documenting good practice in peacebuilding including country risk assessments, early warning - early response, diagnosing root causes of conflict, or conducting peace and conflict impact assessments (PCIA) to ensure that development initiatives are conflict-sensitive.


Peacebuilding refers to all activities, whether before, during or after conflict, that deal directly with conflict and peace issues. While peacebuilding may be initiated at any point during a conflict cycle, it is much less costly in both human and financial terms if it is done early.


The Centre brings together international experts and sector specialists to facilitate capacity building workshops for peacebuilding and conflict prevention. Workshops may be facilitated in an organisation’s headquarters with project managers, or they may be conducted in the field with local stakeholders. Headquarters-based events will deepen the understanding of project planners and decision-makers in the conflict dynamics at work in their country program. They will also develop skills in using the multitude of good, operational tools available for peacebuilding analysis. They will contribute to improved strategic planning and targeting for conflict-sensitive programming. Field-based workshops focus on creating a neutral space for dialogue and consensus building, where analysis is shared, local priorities are negotiated, and responses are designed based on the buy-in of local actors. Field-based workshops have the advantage of energizing local stakeholders with new skill-sets for engaging in their own conflict reduction and peace efforts.