Feedback From Participants

Comments on Early Warning Workshop

  • The presentations are excellent. If what is learnt is put into practice, I believe that the crises in the region will be reduced or totally avoided
  • I have titled this workshop "all embracing". The knowledge acquired will not only help me do my job in the region but will go a long way to empower me on my personal relationship with people. Most especially it has built up my action-reaction towards issues happening around my environment. I most sincerely encourage that workshops like this should be organised regularly.
  • This kind of workshop should be organised throughout Africa to change the way people think.

Comments on Peace and Conflict Impact Assessment Workshop

  • My expectations were fully met. I wish I had this knowledge a year ago.
  • I am now armed with relevant tools to address some very difficult aspects of my community interface activities.
  • I believe that the more people who acquire this knowledge in my organisation the better the organisation will be positioned to address the complexities of the region.
  • The facilitators were simply marvellous, quite knowledgeable about the subject and have a great sense of humour.
  • There is a very obvious business case to incorporate PCIA in business processes.

More Comments on Peace and Conflict Impact Assessment Workshop

  • The Political Impact Assessment presentation of projects is a real eye-opener. I will certainly look at project selection and design in a totally different way from now on.
  • The tools are excellent, very revealing and helpful
  • My capacity to perform in a conflict-sensitive way has been improved
  • This workshop should be a mandatory course for our organisation
  • This training was excellent and should have been done a long time ago