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This site consolidates good practice for peacebuilding and human security, compiled over many years by contributions from multiple peacebuilding experts and practitioners, and focuses on assembling operational tools. Its purpose is to make it easier for peacebuilding practitioners to find practical approaches to:

  1. engage with fragile states,
  2. conduct Early Warning – Early Response assessments to address root causes of conflict, and
  3. design conflict-sensitive approaches for project programming in fragile states.

Peace On FireThe OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) has identified an irrefutable link between conflict, peace, and development, and a Policy Statement and Guidelines on Conflict, Peace, and Development, issued in May 1997, clearly placed peacebuilding and conflict prevention on the development agenda. In 2002, the DAC issued further Guidelines on Helping Prevent Violent Conflict, which reiterated the need to become more skillfully involved in conflict prevention. The DAC continues to develop policy consensus amongst its country members on engaging with fragile states. (DCD-DAC: Conflict and Fragility)


Peace On FireSustainable peace cannot be achieved without sustainable development, and sustainable development cannot be achieved without being sensitive to the tensions that divide communities. The DAC Guidelines also advocate that efforts should be made to ‘mainstream’ conflict-sensitive skills throughout development programs, particularly for fragile states. This website is a response to that recommendation. The information on this site is relevant to development workers, as well as to the diplomatic and foreign service, military, non-government organizations, and the private sector.


Food For Thought and Words of Wisdom

  • Food For Thought
  • “It is not that we do not know – it is that we do not act.” (Jane Holl, Carnegie Commission on the Prevention of Deadly Conflict)
  • “A failed state does not denote a failed people.” (Alemseged Tesfai, War Torn Societies Project)
  • “It is difficult to build democracy on an empty stomach.” (IDEA, Stockholm)
  • “The child we deal with today is the warrior or peacemaker of tomorrow.” (Fen Hampson, Carleton University)

Submission of Operational Tools

The Peacebuilding Centre welcomes the submission of new operational tools for peacebuilding at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We are seeking tools that are geared to practical applications and not theoretical.